Angel Number 3355 ~ Spiritual Meaning & Significance

Today, we’ll discuss the spiritual meaning of angel number 3355. But, before we get into that, let’s discuss what it means to see this frequency.

Angels communicate through subtle signs and symbols, numbers being one of them. Every number carries a unique frequency. 3355 carries the essence of two numbers: 3 & 5.

3s symbolize the process of creation and 5s represent divine will.

Angel number 3355 is a powerful message. You are being asked to tap into your soul and trust its divine wisdom.

We all carry the essence of the divine in our souls. We are all part of the fabric of consciousness that permeates the Universe.

Your angels want you to tap into that essence. You are a divine being, worthy of love, honour and respect.

It’s time for you to claim the love that you deserve.

Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 3355

Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 3355

3355 is a combination of two energies: 3 and 5.

Seeing angel number 3355 is a powerful message from your guardian angels, brimming with positive energy and encouragement. Let’s break down the individual digits and their combined significance:

The Essence Of Number 3

Appearing twice (33), the number 3 signifies creativity, optimism, and growth. It’s a nudge to express yourself authentically and pursue your passions.

Angel number 3355 is a call to trust your inner wisdom. Have faith in your path.

Know that you will always land up on your feet, no matter what.

Your angels have your back, and that’s what really matters.

Growth is hardly ever convenient.

But, guess what, it shouldn’t be.

We’re all here for the evolution of our souls(and of the planet, as a result).

Trust that you will overcome all the obstacles that are blocking your path. You’re being asked to find creative solutions for your problems.

It’s time to create a new life for yourself.

The Essence Of Number 5

The number 5 represents change, new beginnings, and adventure.

The changes you are experiencing right now are divinely guided.

Change can be unsettling, but 3355 assures you that the universe has a plan. Trust that these shifts are ultimately leading you to a better place.

Moving Forward

3+3+5+5 makes 16. The 16th major arcana in the tarot is called “The Tower”.

It is depicted as a tall tower struck by lightning, symbolizing the shattered sense of security.

The Tower signifies a major life event that shakes things up. This could be a job loss, a breakup, a health scare, or any event that forces you to rebuild from the ground up.

As someone who has experienced these “Tower moments” quite a few times in life, I know how difficult it is.

While the changes brought by the Tower are often unwelcome, they ultimately lead to positive outcomes. The destruction clears the way for something new and better to emerge.

Some things are just not meant to be. That’s a fact.

1+6 makes 7, which represents spiritual awakenings, inner wisdom & the magic of the Universe.

The 7th card in the tarot is called “The Chariot”. It symbolizes momentum & growth.

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Angel Number 3355 For Love

Angel Number 3355 For Love

Seeing angel number 3355 is a sign that you have recently gone through a break-up.

My ex shattered my heart in a million pieces and somehow found the audacity to make it all my fault.

Now, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.

It was a long time ago. And, one bad experience doesn’t get to decide the trajectory of my life.

It’s easier said than done, though.

It’s difficult to not make it my fault. I fell for his trap and let his lies define my life.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this face.

This is not just my story. It’s not even a good story. But, this is a story many of us are stuck with.

We can’t change our past. But, we can choose to change now.

One bad experience shouldn’t get to dictate the next decade of your life.

You deserve better. It’s time for you to understand that.

Angel number 3355 is all to trust yourself. It’s time to value yourself.

It’s never too late to set boundaries.

Angel Number 3355 For Career

Angel Number 3355 Meaning

In terms of career, 3355 communicates the need to believe in your dreams and visions.

You are currently being asked to stand up for what you believe.

You deserve to live your dream life. But, the Universe can’t just deliver it to you for free. Amazon Prime doesn’t deliver careers, after all.

It’s time to stop downplaying your skills.

You are being asked to recognize what you bring to the table.

Make sure you’re being compensated for it.

Contribute your ideas in meetings, volunteer for challenging projects, and seek opportunities to demonstrate your expertise.

Ask trusted colleagues or mentors for honest feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement.

You don’t even need to be on the down low.

Don’t work behind the scenes. It’s time to claim credit for your work.

Angel Number 3355 also indicates challenges in your work life.

Pay attention to what’s causing the friction. Are you facing a difficult colleague, feeling stuck in a dead-end job, or struggling to adapt to a new workflow? Recognizing the specific challenges will help you navigate them.

Challenges are a natural part of any career path. Think of human evolution. It was brutal. But, if it hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be where we are today, in terms of the quality of our life, and technological advances.

People who aren’t content with the status quo are more likely to seek solutions and create new things. From the wheel, invented to make transportation easier, to the smartphone, designed to connect us in new ways, technology often addresses a need or frustration.

Seeing angel number 3355 is a reminder that you have the strength and resilience to overcome all the obstacles that are in your way.

If you aren’t happy with something, it’s time to change it. You are born to lead. It’s time for you to understand that.

Every challenge that you encounter on your way is an opportunity to demonstrate your power. Trust that you are stronger than you realize.

Know that things will work out for the best.

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