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The thing about humans is – we like to know. We like to know everything. God telling us his plan is probably the most well-known of our dreams. However, connecting with God is not that easy.

He doesn’t really talk to us. And, even when he does, we don’t like to listen.

But, there is a way to connect with the Divine.

I have recently tried California Psychics, a psychic hotline that has been in business for over 25 years.

Let me start this blog by saying that I’m completely in love with this site.

Firstly, it has a rigorous screening process. Only about 2% of the total applicants are selected.

The platform has over 200 psychics who give readings across multiple topics like love and relationship, career, life purpose, life path, mediumship readings and more.

You can select a psychic based on their psychic gift, reading style and the tool they use to connect with higher powers.

I personally am a fan of tarot, and trust the cards more than any other psychic tool.

California Psychics Reviews

With over 2 million psychic readings, California Psychics has proven itself to be one of the most trustworthy psychic hotlines.

The website also offers free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. You can also use the dynamic blog section to gain knowledge and build your connection with the spiritual realm.

What I love the most about the website is its commitment to providing accurate guidance to its users. Here, you can get a psychic reading for as low as $1/minute.

When you first sign up on the platform, you will have to purchase credits worth $20.

Currently, the website also offers free credit worth $80 to new customers.

Most of the experts on the platform have over a decade of experience. They have practised their craft well and tested it, time and time again.

Thousands of raving reviews on each psychic’s profile confirm that.

After you have selected a psychic, you can check their availability and schedule just beside their details.

California Psychics free time and schedule

You can also select an expert based on the estimated wait time and the number of people in the queue.

California Psychics Choose an Expert

On this platform, you can get a reading via phone call or chat.

California Psychics allows all its users to sort through and filter psychics based on price, availability, star ratings and overall reading experience.

California Psychics Categorize and Filter

You can also check the total number of readings done by each expert on the platform.

Total number of reads per expert at California Psychics

When I first came across the platform, I was initially sceptical about its credibility.

But, as soon as I got my first reading, my heart knew that I was in the right hands. Psychic Maricia not only understood my feelings before I had even had a chance to express myself properly, but she also empathized with the situation I was asking about.

She was incredibly kind and compassionate and helped me see through the illusions my mind was creating.

California Psychics also offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. While the platform doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of predictions(no one does that), it does guarantee a positive experience during each of your readings.

If, in case, you find yourself dissatisfied or unhappy with your reading, you may be entitled to a full refund. Just make sure that you contact customer service within 24 hours of your reading (before getting another one).

California Psychics also has a mobile-friendly app that you can use for your convenience.

The platform also offers a free birth chart calculator and zodiac compatibility predictor.

In case you need help with selecting a psychic for you, you can also try their free quiz that will match you with the right expert for you.

Pros & Cons Of Using The Site

Nothing in life is perfect. So, before I advise you to trust or even try the platform, I should first go over the pros and cons of using California Psychics.

Let’s first start with the pros.

1. Ease & Convenience

You can access California psychics via both web and app. The user interface of both is intuitive and created with ease-of-use in mind.

Navigating through the platform is seamless, with clear menus and an intuitive layout, allowing users to effortlessly browse through available psychics, explore different reading styles and categories, & its features and functionalities.

The platform is fairly robust, enabling us to easily filter psychics based on criteria such as speciality, reading style, availability, and customer ratings, ensuring that we can easily find the perfect match for their needs.

California Psychics clear menu and intuitive layout

2. Authenticity & Transparency

The platform has a fairly transparent refund policy. All their psychics have 10+ years of experience. While you may not resonate with a reading(that’s completely normal), you will find all their experts genuine.

With a meticulous screening process in place, California Psychics maintains a stringent standard that I trust.

The platform provides access to a pool of highly qualified psychics, who offer credible, authentic and insightful guidance.

The platform makes no effort to hide negative reviews and testimonials. Their goal is not to make you spend your money. With about 30 years of experience in service, they care about the customer base they have built.

3. Diversity Of Readings

California Psychics offers a wide variety of psychic readings, including:

Tarot Card ReadingOracle Card Reading
Astrology ReportsMediumship Readings
Crystal ReadingsI-Ching
NumerologyFree Horoscopes
California Psychics Free Horoscopes

You can also sort through readers based on their areas of expertise, like:

Love & RelationshipsCareer & Finances
Past Life ReadingsPet Readings
Deceased Loved OnesLife Path & Purpose

Now, that we’ve discussed the pros, let’s go through the cons as well:

Though the platform offers psychic readings for as low as $1 per minute, you will have to spend at least $20 when you first sign up.

This initial deposit serves as a credit balance that you can use and draw from when booking readings with psychics on the platform. Please note that you can choose to end a reading at any point. The remaining balance will be credited to your account immediately.

Currently, the platform offers only two modes of payment: Credit Card & PayPal.

Individuals residing in regions where credit card penetration or PayPal usage is low may face challenges in making payments and accessing psychic readings on the platform.

How To Get A Reading On California Psychics?

To get a reading on California Psychics, simply go to

Click on “CONNECT NOW” and create an account for free.

California PsychicsCreate an account for free
California PsychicsCreate an account

After adding credits to your account, simply sort through their range of experts, and choose the psychic you want to work with.

California Psychics Choose the Psychic You Want to Work with

Choose the mode of communication and wait for your psychic to respond to your request.

If you are unhappy with your reading, you can end it at any point during your conversation.

Your account balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Different Types Of Readings You Can Get On The Platform

California Psychics offers a wide variety of readings, including tarot, oracle, astrology, numerology and even no-tool readings.

3 Different Starter Packages Offered by California Psychics

Currently, the platform offers 3 different introductory packages- Affordable, Popular & Premium.

If you have never experienced a virtual psychic reading before, I recommend starting with the Affordable package. This way, you can test the platform for yourself before spending more money than you need to.

This package serves as a low-risk option for users to familiarize themselves with the platform’s interface, interact with psychics, and evaluate the quality of readings before considering further engagement.

How To Get A Free Reading On California Psychics?

California Psychics only offers pre-paid service at this time. However, they do have a loyalty program for their regular customers.

Loyalty program offered by California Psychics

Through “Karma Rewards”, you can accumulate points every time you make a purchase on the platform.

Based on your points, you can stand a chance to avail a free reading on the platform.

If you are new to the platform, make sure that you check the home page for available offers.

By default, the platform adds $80 to your account when you make your first purchase.

Final Verdict

Finally, California Psychics has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted psychic hotlines. Their extensive track record speaks volumes about the platform’s reliability and the satisfaction of its users.

Their stringent screening process and dedication to quality ensure that we receive meaningful and insightful guidance tailored to our individual needs and circumstances.

No platform is perfect, nor is there any reader. California Psychics goes above and beyond to address any concerns or issues that users may encounter.

The platform offers 24*7 customer service and a 100% user satisfaction guarantee. Just make sure that you raise your query at the right time.

This commitment to customer service ensures that users can address any concerns or issues they may encounter promptly and effectively, enhancing their overall experience with the platform.

I have tried the platform for myself. And, I know, it’s worth the money.

You may not get all the answers you seek. But, you will definitely receive the guidance that you need.

At the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

California Psychics’ reputation as a trusted and reliable psychic hotline is well-deserved.

Through its unwavering dedication to excellence, the platform continues to empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

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