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I want to start this blog with a game I love the most(with a spiritual touch, of course). It’s called “Never have I ever”. Don’t worry! You don’t need to get a drink just yet.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Never have I ever sought psychic advice. Have you purchased a psychic reading before? If so, which platform did you use?

Well, to lose my “spiritual virginity”(if that’s a thing), I have decided to get a tarot card reading.

I have spent about a day and a half researching online psychics and psychic reading platforms. And, I think I’m going to give Psychic Source a try.

Here’s why:

Psychic Source is not just a virtual psychic reading platform. It’s a legacy. Launched in 1989(yup, it’s that old), the platform has catered to millions of users in the last 35 years.

It’s home to hundreds of online psychic advisors, tarot card readers, astrologers and energy healers.

It has catered to hundreds of thousands of customers successfully.

It’s trustworthy, and reliable, and has obviously used quite a lot of resources (and funds) to maintain and sustain the platform over the last three decades.

What Is Psychic Source? Is It Trustworthy?

Psychic Source is an online psychic hotline that has been in business for over 35 years.

It offers a diverse range of psychic services, including cartomancy, tarot card reading, angel card reading, birth chart readings, mediumship, energy healing and more.

If you are new to the platform, you can get a reading for as low as $0.60/minute.

But, before you can get a reading, you will have to purchase credits worth at least $10 first.

Additionally, you can get the first three minutes of your reading for free.

Psychic Source gets the first three minutes of reading for free

Regarding the reliability of the psychics, here’s what the webmasters have to say:

“We don’t hire psychics without checking for an extensive, proven background of authenticity. Whatever type of psychics you’re looking for—mediums, clairvoyants, empaths, intuitives, dream interpreters, astrologists, tarot readers, love psychics (we could go on)—Psychic Source has them. Your happiness is genuinely our priority and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy, it’s free!”

Psychic Source does claim to have a “MONEY BACK” guarantee, but it’s not really money that you get back(it never is, trust me). If you are unhappy with your reading, you can reach out to their customer representatives (via email, live chat or toll-free contact number) and claim your credit.

You can get up to 20 minutes of your time back on your last-purchased reading.

Please note that the guarantee only applies to your last reading. So, please make sure that you get your credits back before you decide to give another psychic a try.

Psychic Source ~ Key Features & Offers

Just like other Psychic hotlines, Psychic Source offers a wide variety of services(more on that later).

It hosts 200+ psychics that offer love, career, personal and spiritual advice to the users.

While online readings do lack personal touch and empathy, as a matter of fact, that’s true for all digital interactions.

In-person psychic readings, however, are no longer an option. In this day and age, you can’t really expect spiritual advisors to live in a cave far away from human civilization.

Thanks to technology, we all have internet access.

Some spiritual shops do hire psychic advisors to offer in-person readings. But the thing is, the same people offer readings online at a cheaper cost.

Then, why be partial to online readings?

Psychic Source also offers a free “Find A Psychic” tool that will match you with the right expert for you, based on your choices, belief systems and preferences.

It’s a one-minute quiz that will quickly assess your preferences to match you with spiritual experts based on your budget, availability and preferences.

Though many other platforms offer similar tools, I find this one the best.

The questions it asks are personal, discreet and genuine.

Psychic Source supports a variety of payment methods, including:

Money OrdersCredit Cards
Debit CardsGift Cards

Most other psychic platforms offer limited payment options.

This just proves that the platform goes out of its way to facilitate genuine connections and conversations.

Compared to other reading platforms, Psychic Source is a bit expensive. Unless you are a new user, it’s not really pocket-friendly.

Most readers charge between $4.99 – $18.99 per minute for their time. I do think that this fee reflects the decades they have spent honing their psychic skills and serving the collective.

I do think that the platform is worth the money.

My recommendation is to use Psychic Source if you’ve never received a psychic reading before and/or are willing to spend a bit extra on it.

How To Get A Reading On Psychic Source?

The website interface is not really modern. I find it a little confusing, and it’s not really neat.

Though it’s easy to create an account and make a purchase, I do think that the website needs work (not to worry, I’m a marketer, so I do like to audit and analyze things critically).

To create an account, you will have to enter your email address and create a password.

Psychic Source Create an Account for Free

I would have preferred to be able to log in with my Google account. But, my feelings for Dear Google are not strong enough to stop me from signing up.

Once you have created an account, the website will prompt you to make a deposit. By default, you can choose to add $10, $20, or $30 to your account.

If you open the website in a new browser(or the incognito tab), you will see a pop-up with a promo code.

Using this code, you will be able to get your reading for $0.60/minute.

Psychic Source Using the promo code you will be able to get $0.60minute

This code changes from time to time. So, please don’t copy from the screenshot I have attached to this blog.

As discussed, Psychic Source supports a variety of payment methods.

As someone who hates Credit Cards(Yes, we exist!!), I think Psychic Source is the only platform I will continue to use in the long run.

Different Types Of Readings

Tarot Card ReadingsAngel Card Readings
Dream InterpretationMediumship Readings
Love Psychic ReadingsCartomancy Readings
Lost Object ReadingsEnergy Work
Love Tarot ReadingsSpiritual Readings
Love Life ReadingsAnd More.

On Psychic Source, you can get a variety of readings, including:

psychic source free horoscope
  • Tarot Card Readings: Tarot is the best tool to peer beyond the veil. It’s also a great tool to tap into your subconscious mind. I trust cards more than I trust any other psychic tool. Tarot can not only help you navigate the unknown, but it will also help you embrace it. Tarot readings are rarely definitive. The cards only offer symbolic insight into the situation, assisting us to understand the crux of the matter.
  • Angel Card Readings: Angel card readers on Psychic Source will help you connect with your angelic helpers and tap into their wisdom for spiritual growth and guidance. I have worked with angels in the past. But, I haven’t really tried angel readings yet.
  • Astrology: Astrology is believed to be the most accurate psychic tool for future predictions. Most readers you find on the platform are from the United States(and follow the Tropical Zodiac System). If you are looking for Vedic or sidereal chart reading, make sure that you ask your reader first.
  • Numerology: My connection to numbers is limited to angel numbers. But, I do believe that numbers communicate with us in more ways than we can imagine.
  • Dream Interpretation: Spirit talks to us during dream time. So, if you have recently had a vivid or disturbing dream, a dream analyzer may just be what you need to calm down.
  • Mediumship Readings: If you have recently lost a loved one, you may want to give a medium a try to connect with and receive guidance from the Spirit World.
  • Love Psychic Readings: Receive guidance and clarity on matters of the heart, including relationships, romance, and compatibility. You deserve the answers you seek. Make sure that you ask someone who cares for your well-being.

Is Psychic Source Safe?

Yes, Psychic Source is a completely safe and reliable platform to connect with psychics all over the World. It has a huge customer base and supports the livelihood of hundreds of psychics, tarot card readers, mediums, empaths and starseeds.

All the conversations you have on the platform are completely anonymous. Your personal details are not even shared with the psychics you choose to work with.

Psychic Source supports a multitude of payment methods. Feel free to choose the one you prefer the most.

Is Psychic Source A Scam?

No! Psychic Source is a genuine and legitimate website that you can use to purchase psychic services. It has been in business for more than 3 decades and has served hundreds of thousands of customers.

They have a stringent screening process. Most of their experts have extensive track records and decades of professional experience.

Final Words

Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic hotlines. As a result, most of its experts have thousands of positive reviews.

Though a bit expensive, I think it’s one of the most trustworthy psychic reading platforms.

Also, the longevity of Psychic Source in the industry speaks volumes about its commitment to maintaining high standards of service and customer satisfaction.

The platform has a longstanding reputation for reliability, which makes it a preferred choice for those who seek quality psychic advice and readings.

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