Purple Garden Review 2024 – Is It Worth The Money?

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The fear of the unknown bothers us all, but do we really need to know it all?

Humans crave certainty. We crave assurance. And, psychics can help us with exactly that.

It’s not always easy to trust life. It’s even more difficult to have faith in the “flow”, let alone go with it.

Psychic readings can help us understand the energies that are working behind the scenes.

They can also help us tap into our subconscious minds and understand ourselves better. In this blog, I’ll review one of the most well-known online psychic hotlines- Purple Garden, Though relatively new, the platform serves as a home to 1000+ online psychics, mystics and empaths.

It offers a plethora of psychic services, including Love Readings, Psychic Readings, astrology & horoscope readings, etc.

Almost all the readers on Purple Garden have completed 3000+ psychic readings.

What Is Purple Garden?

Purple Garden is an up-and-coming online psychic marketplace. It is a sister site to Psychic Ocean & BitWine.

The platform boasts 40,000+ monthly visitors and has successfully served thousands of clients.

Here, you can receive helpful guidance from trusted advisors for as low as $0.99 per minute.

Based on their experience and demand, a psychic may charge anywhere between $0.99 to $24.99 per minute.

Prices also vary depending on the mode of communication (chat, phone call, or video call).

The website also hosts a dynamic blog section to educate and entertain its user base.

Purple Garden News Blog

What I Like About The Platform?

What I like the most about the platform is their emphasis on transparency.

It’s probably the only psychic platform that enables users to sort through the review section.

Empowering users to live their best lives is the ultimate goal of this platform.

Purple Garden allows users to sort comments section
Purple Garden's focus on transparency

Just because you can easily read negative reviews, it doesn’t mean that the psychics here are not good enough or competent enough.

Honestly, there’s not a single psychic in the world who hasn’t been accused of being a fraud or delivering inaccurate predictions.

Psychic readings are subjective. They are not logical. And, the Universe doesn’t always deliver rational advice.

Also, your future is not set in stone. It can be changed. Think of this moment as a center in the infinite sign. It is as dynamic as it is static.

The present moment acts as a doorway between your past and your future. At any time, you can choose to close a door and open another one.

You have the power to shape your future through the choices you make today.

A psychic cannot force you to follow a path that you are not interested in.

Another thing I love about the platform is its user interface.

The signup process is fairly intuitive and barely takes a minute.

The Purple Garden registration process is quite intuitive

If you have never used the platform before, you may be eligible to avail $20 credit on your first purchase.

Purple Garden Get $20 Credit on Your First Purchase

Please note that the platform updates its offers regularly. I recommend using the Facebook ad library to check for discounts and cashback offers before you make a purchase.

Purple Garden regularly updates its offers

You can also use Purple Garden through their mobile app, available for download on both Android and iPhone.

Additionally, Purple Garden offers cashback and discounts exclusively to its app users.

Here’s what the mobile app looks like:

Purple Garden mobile app

“Journeys” is a feature available exclusively to app users.

Purple Garden journeys are features exclusively available to app users
Purple Garden journeys are features exclusively available to app users
Purple Garden journeys are features exclusively available to app users

The platform promotes a sense of community by encouraging its users to share their journey publicly. This will not only assist new users in selecting a psychic based on other people’s experiences, but it will also encourage their loyal customers to connect with other experts on the platform.

Another thing I like about the platform is that it allows users to decide the duration of the reading in advance. This will prevent you from overspending your credits.

Purple Garden allows users to decide the duration of reading in advance

To help you choose from its range of psychics, the platform has organized its readers into different categories:

Voted Most AccurateStaff Picks

You can also sift through their advisors based on your budget, preferred mode of communication and the number of reviews.

Purple Garden has added help badges on each psychic’s profile to help users find the advisors that other users trust the most.

Purple Garden adds a help badge on every psychic’s profile

All in all, I love Purple Garden’s commitment to providing accurate psychic guidance. Their goal is to help users find the clarity they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Despite being a new platform, it exudes a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, which is quite impressive.

After trying it myself and reading numerous positive online reviews, I fully believe its potential to make a positive impact.

What I Don’t Love About The Platform?

As I have already mentioned, Purple Garden is fairly new to the industry. Though it is a sister site to Purple Ocean & BitWine, there’s not much information available online regarding its founder and customer user base.

It is likely that the same pool of psychics offer guidance on all three of the platforms. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But, I do think that it’s worth a thought.

While Purple Garden offers competitive rates for psychic services, the cost of consultations can accumulate over time, especially for frequent users.

Each consultation comes with a price tag, and as users engage with advisors more frequently, the expenses can add up significantly.

But this isn’t just true for Purple Garden.

If you tend to purchase psychic services regularly, you will soon bear the financial consequences, regardless of the platform you use.

Relying too much on psychic readings can make you dependent on external sources for guidance, instead of trusting your own intuition and decision-making abilities.

This over-reliance can gradually diminish your self-confidence.

Relying on psychic advisors for reassurance and validation can also create an emotional dependence.

This may hinder personal growth, as you might be tempted to consult a psychic for even minor decisions.

Different Types Of Readings Available On Purple Garden

Purple Garden horoscopes

Purple Garden offers a variety of psychic readings, including:

  • Love Readings: Love is complicated, to say the least. This is why most psychic providers have more experts in this particular category than all other categories combined. This is true for Purple Garden as well.
  • Psychic Readings: Need some assurance about your future? Purple Garden hosts about a hundred psychics, eager to assist you on your journey.
  • Tarot Card Reading: I think tarot cards speak for themselves. Tarot is more of a language than a psychic tool. Cards speak to us in more ways than we can imagine.
  • Astrology & Horoscope: For those of us who believe in stars, Purple Garden has about 100 different astrologers to choose from.
  • Palm Readings: I have rarely seen anyone offer palm readings online. I think this service is exclusive to the platform. If palm reading is something that interests you, it might be worth a try.
  • Angel Insight: You don’t need special card decks to connect with angels. I think angel readings should be a subcategory of tarot/oracle guidance. But, if you regularly work with your guardian angels and are eager to connect with them, you should give angel insight readings a try.
  • Oracle Guidance: Again, I believe that cards speak for themselves. While tarot cards are best used to connect with the collective unconscious, oracle cards can help you receive positive and uplifting messages from your spirit guides.
  • Dream Analysis: Dream analysis involves exploring the symbols, themes, and emotions within dreams to gain insights into the subconscious mind and its underlying concerns.

And many more.

Is Purple Garden A Scam?

No! Purple Garden is a well-established psychic service provider.

The platform supports multiple payment options like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and PayPal.

The platform doesn’t really offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. Refunds are decided on a case-by-case basis.

You can reach out to their customer service representatives through the “Get In Touch” button.

Most disputes are resolved within 24 hours.

Purple Garden contact their customer service representatives via the Contact button

If you are unhappy with your reading, I recommend getting in touch with their team.

Though the website is believed to offer refunds only for technical glitches, I have never personally asked for one. So, I can neither confirm nor deny this claim.

Overall, the site feels genuine. Having served thousands of customers in the last few years, I do believe that it is worth a try.

Before you choose to buy a reading, I do recommend conducting thorough research about your psychic. Read both positive and negative reviews, so you know what to expect.

Should You Trust Purple Garden?

Yes, Purple Garden has proven itself to be a trustworthy platform. With an impressive track record and thousands of positive reviews, I think that the platform’s legit.

The platform only hires experts with a proven background of authenticity.

All the conversations you have on the platform are encrypted. Your personal information i not shared with any external party.

All psychic platforms use your contact information for marketing purposes, but you have the right to opt out of promotional messages at any time.

Final Verdict

After spending the last few hours researching the platform for this blog, I do believe that it’s worth a try.

I personally prefer the mobile app more than the website itself. This is because of the seamless user interface and ease of use.

This app offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with a community of spiritual enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring and sharing their spiritual journeys. By trying out the Journeys feature, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own spiritual path by learning from the experiences of others.

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